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The place where you are heard and cared for in all aspects of health to get your health N-LINE.

We educate to empower and empower to evolve.

N-LINE Health is a chiropractic health practice that provides patients not only with specific chiropractic care but education to better understand their individual health concerns. We educate you about you for you to be empowered and own your health! That empowerment cultivates motivation for you to evolve. We craft your specific routine of chiropractic care and give you the at home tools: functional rehabilitative exercises/ stretches, nutritional advice, and relaxation techniques to get your health N-LINE.

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Meet Dr. N

Dr. N knew chiropractic was something she’d like to pursue. At 18 years old, she was involved in a T-bone car collision that left her unable to walk due to multiple hairline pelvic fractures. With chiropractic and rehabilitative exercises she was able to still compete at the NCAA track and field level her freshman year of college the next school year.

She was able to truly experience the power of chiropractic work on herself and then she knew that chiropractic was her lifelong career. After college, she applied and was accepted into Life University – the world’s top chiropractic school. She graduated Cum Laude and earned her Doctor of Chiropractic. 

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